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At Roger Advisory Services, we don’t think in terms of plans or even client status. We think in terms of our relationship, maintaining long-term partnerships in which we work together to grow. Our ultimate goal is to assist clients to achieve a sense of relief when it comes to their business, thus attaining the next level of success and increasing wealth.

Understanding You

Our first step is to get to know each other. We take the time to learn and understand your business and your needs. We also let you know what exactly we can do to help you.

Plan & Presentation

We work to develop a plan of action. Everything you need, we formulate into a presentation that we allow you to review and make changes prior to starting.

Work Begins

We then begin to implement changes and begin working on the agreed upon plan. Reporting business changes directly to you monthly.

Continued Monitoring

We continue to monitor progress. Making appropriate changes as needed after consulting with you.

Understanding You

You'll start with an in-depth meeting with one of our trusted advisors. We take this time to learn as much about your business as we can. We want to understand what you can offer as well as your goals for your company. 

Plan and Presentation 

After we agree on the problems and solutions, we begin to formulate a plan of action. Using our questionnaire and research, we develop a project proposal. 

Work Begins

After the presentation of the plan, we begin our work. Whether it's a specific strategy for marketing, product promotion and price point changes. Hiring additional personnel. We as your partner will do everything we can to help your business grow and succeed. 



We offer ongoing services, from continued monitoring of marketing to research on market analysis, product overview and even additional business avenues/plans. Ask your advisor today about continuing services for you. Reports are sent out quarterly.