10 Tips for Small Business Saturday Success

Small Business Saturday is a way for consumers to usher in the busy holiday shopping season and make an impact in their community by supporting independently owned businesses.

By Paul Lester on November 18, 2019


The new way of the future for companies.

Outsourced Accounting makes it possible for small businesses to have access to bookkeeping, financial reporting, and long-term financial planning assistance that they need.

By Vinnie Fisher on November 10, 2019



Expert Investment Views: Invesco Blog

So, by now, I hope you have had your fill of predictions for 2020. As usual, they come in all shapes and sizes; however, there is a lot more consensus in this go-around than is usually the case. In addition to things that are likely to happen, I thought it would be equally interesting to list out the things that I believe are NOT likely to happen.


Housing Market Forecast & Predictions 2020

All the talk of a housing market crash or recession seems outlandish right now. Employment is super and the stock market is booming.  And, housing sales and prices rose again in September according to NAR, although they declined a little from August.


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